Media Relations

Traditional media remains tremendously powerful force of influence in today’s world.

It is earned, not bought.

It is published by a third-party, not self-published.

And the content is not controlled by you.

In short, the value gained by a third-party imprimatur–and a highly-critical one at that–is foundational and irrefutable.

Planet specializes in getting you that coverage, and in preparing you to shine when you do.

We develop and execute comprehensive media communications strategies and programs for biotech and life science companies that want to raise their profile among various audiences and influencers.

We make your complex science easily graspable, compelling and market-moving.

We build a media strategy that will support your products throughout their life-cycles, from pre-clinical to post- commercialization.

We create disease awareness media campaigns, getting stories in the media that connect audiences to needs and issues in a memorable fashion.

We create media outreach programs for individual patient stories (when appropriate)  in the regional, national and international press.

We specialize in creating and executing US media programs for European, Chinese and other foreign life science companies seeking to establish a presence in the US market.

Positioning and Messages

We help define and differentiate your platform, science and products from the crowd.

We go in deep, to the core of who you are and what you do, and build a program that tells your story persuasively.

We target your positioning and message for the media.

Building Third-Party Liaisons

We work with patient advocacy groups to create communications programs that bridge our common interests and create involvement.  We build liaisons with COEs and KOLs to form seamless communications programs that work for all.

Website and Copywriting

We take what you do, make it clear, accurate, graspable … and make you stand out.

We draft press releases, websites and blogs–all public-facing documents for all aspects of the communications program.

Patient Stories

We create highly personal patient narratives that tie your medical advances to their life stories, creating an emotional connection that shows your impact in very real terms through real people.

Crisis Communications

We work closely with Management to develop a media communications plan to best manage a crisis built on key company values and messages that will ring true to impacted audiences and present a solution.

We also work with Management to anticipate potential issues before they come up, and have an agreed-upon plan in place.

Corporate Video Production

We write and produce videos that highlight your innovative science and promising treatments in a distilled and memorable way.