• “Deanne understands our complex science, and translates it into releases that convey why it matters. We got great media coverage that raised awareness of our unique assays among investors and customers. We are very pleased with Planet!”

Dr. Shanmugavel Madasamy, CEO, Plaxgen

  • Deanne has a unique skill for understanding complex science, finding the story reporters will respond to, and achieving desired outcomes through thoughtful media coverage.”

Brian Gill, Vice President Global Corporate Communications at Celgene Corporation

  • “Planet Communications achieved our best media placement to date, period.”

Stephen Gendel, Managing Partner, Initiate PR

  • “I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Deanne for her exquisite work garnering media attention about our novel Zika vaccine approach.  She is very interested in the basic science and such a pleasure to work with.  She made sure she understood the science behind our discoveries and then she turned them into something media wanted to follow.”

Dr. Natasa Strbo, Assistant Professor at the Department of Microbiology and Immunology University of Miami

  • “Deanne has served as an integral extension to our team, partnering with us to give voice and bring simplicity to otherwise complex, highly-technical messaging.  Her passion for her work and for her relationships is undeniable.  She dives into the science to drive meaningful results and raise awareness across key stakeholders, while managing realistic expectations and aligning with business objectives.

Jennifer L. Almond, Director, Investor Relations &
Corporate Communications, Heat Biologics

  • “Planet Communications has worked with us from our early pre-clinical days, through the filing of our first IND; and through movement from the bulletin board to the American Stock Exchange, to the NYSE Alternext where we now trade. Their steady work has us well-positioned with key industry reporters in both the business and trade press. Planet’s wealth of creative ideas, along with the contacts and perseverance to deliver on them, keeps our media profile high.”

Richard Garr, CEO and President, Neuralstem, Inc.

  • “Deanne goes deeply into the science in a way that helps differentiate our immunotherapy platforms to our key audiences and sets us apart.”

Jeff Wolf, CEO, Heat Biologics

  • “Deanne’s skill in telling the story of the complex biological mechanism involved in our vaccine development in layman’s terms were outstanding. Above all, I admire her enthusiasm for biomedical research, and her tremendous work to help scientific community to be recognized in the media! Thank you, Deanne!”

Dr. Natasa Strbo, Assistant Professor at the Department of Microbiology and Immunology University of Miami

  • “Early on in working with Deanne, I started connecting her with our scientists, allowing her the opportunity to hear directly from our experts about our platform technology. This did not faze her and only served to strengthen her ability to craft messages and serve as an ambassador for our company to the media.  I have come to value Deanne as part of my communications team and would highly recommend her.”

Jennifer L. Almond, Director, Investor Relations &
Corporate Communications, Heat Biologics

  • “Deanne has an exceptional ability to convey a company’s message in a way that attracts and holds the interest of business journalists. When you meet with them, its apparent that Deanne has credibility that’s enabled her to establish solid, long term relationships and continuing entrée with business reporters.”

Ken Cohen, former CEO, Synbiotics Corporation;
former CEO, Somaxon Pharmaceuticals

  • “Coda Octopus Group, Inc. has engaged Planet Communications for the last two years, with a remit to produce and implement a media strategy for the Company.  We have been delighted with the results – Planet Communications provides a highly experienced, knowledgeable and creative media relations service and, most importantly, they have consistently produced the desired results”.

    Richard Lewis
    Senior Vice President, Corporate Administration & Development
    Coda Octopus Group, Inc.

  • “Deanne is an unparalleled expert when it comes to taking complex biotech and medical concepts and turning them into media hits. I worked with Deanne to advance the awareness of a human neural stem cell company and not only did she do an outstanding job of understanding and explaining key technology and science developments, but she skillfully fostered relationships with key media to maximize opportunities.”

Ina McGuiness
Senior Vice President
Abernathy MacGregor

  • “I was introduced to Planet Communications in 2001 and have worked with the agency ever since.  Deanne immediately familiarized herself with our Prolieve plan and set about maximizing our financial press coverage.  With limited material from us, she got us in front of both local and national press including the Wall Street Journal.  Deanne always makes herself available to her clients and can be relied on for sound advice in relation to press relations.  On a personal front Deanne has been fun to work with even when the circumstances are less than optimal.” Tony Deasey, Former CFO, Celsion Corp.

“I gratefully thank Deanne for her excellent support in the past two years in positioning Santhera with US media, both lay press as well as industry-specific news outlets. Deanne’s contacts were extremely helpful for us, as a European company, to gain visibility in the important US market.”

Thomas Meier, PhD
CEO Santhera Pharmecuticals

  • “Deanne is a pleasure to work with as she is a team player and always puts the best interest of the client first. I would recommend her to any company looking for a strategic thinker with a talent for executing tactics that deliver meaningful and measurable results.

Ina McGuiness
Senior Vice President
Abernathy MacGregor

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